Potato Pancakes: Spanning the Great Divide

Potato pancakes have many names and flavors throughout the world.  Some of the more interesting names include latke (not to be confused with Taxi's Latka Gravas), "tattie fish", raggmunk, boxte, rösti, and "the single most incredible thing ever fried."  Here is one chef's quick and simple recipe for achieving deliciousness.

Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube: http://youtu.be/nHZsE7T7hwI

Throughout the years, the potato pancake has been used as part of birthday, wedding, and graduation celebrations.  They have been traded for precious metals*, venerated in religious ceremonies*, meditated upon to bring enlightenment*, and brought peace to troubled nations*.  Unfortunately, in the hands of the untrained, they have also caused a great deal of strife.

Since 1946 the Latke–Hamantash Debate has continually been used as a wedge between factions of academic experts in the field of American Jewish cuisine.  It was thought the upheaval had finally come to an end in 2005, but a resurgence of the topic was noted once more in March of 2012.  One can only hope that all parties involved will soon see that the only just world is a world that appreciates freedom and diversity in many forms.  The staff at Magnificent Potato believe that peace between latkes and hamantashes can be achieved in our lifetime.

Namaste, dear latke.  Namaste.

*citation needed

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