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Ireland is known as one of the potato consuming capitals of the world.  In recent years, the Emerald Isle has become a center for technology, as well.  The marrying of these two facets of island life has taken flight in the form of potato-tracking technology from Keogh's Hand Cooked Crisps.

High Tech Chips (or Crisps, as the case may be)


The Spud Nav section of the Keogh's site describes it thusly:

To trace your bag of crisps back to the exact field they came from just type the name of the field from your packet of Keogh's Crisps into the Spud Nav!

GPS in this case may stand for "Great Potato Search", but this is unconfirmed.  The staff of Magnificent Potato strongly suggests you undertake a trip to Ireland to find out.  This suggestion is completely objective and entirely unbiased.

For more information, please visit the Spud Nav portion of the Keogh's website: http://keoghs.ie/keoghs-hand-cooked-crisps/crisp-traceability-spud-nav.html

Happy potato tracking!

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